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frequently asked questions

My car is not running, but I want to donate it, will you accept?
Yes, The Charity Car Donation Center will accept all vehicles, regardless of the age or condition of the vehicle.

I lost the title to my vehicle; must I have a title to donate?
Yes, all vehicles donated are required to have a clear title, and lien release (if applicable) in the name of the individual who wants to claim the donation.

I do not want to spend 10 – 15 minutes on the phone donating my vehicle, is there any other way to donate my vehicle?
Sure, The Charity Car Donation Center has an easy online donation process.  Simply complete the online donation form and typically our service representatives will process your donation for pickup then send you and e-mail with all the processing instructions.

 How much can I claim for my donation?
The IRS tax law changed in January 2005.  The IRS allows a donor to claim up to $500 or what the gross sale amount that the vehicle sells for at our auctions.  Please note that if the vehicle does sell for over $500, and the donor is claiming the actual sell amount, the IRS requires the charity to obtain the SSN of the individual claiming the donation.

How long will it take to get my vehicle picked up?
Typically, you will be contacted by our towing company not later than the following day after you donate.  You will then arrange a convenient time with them to pick up your vehicle, normally this is the next day.

Will I get a receipt for my donation?
You will receive 3 receipts.  The first receipt will be from the towing company.  Once we get confirmation of the pickup the next receipt will be processed from the Charity Car Donation Processing Center on the letterhead of the charity you selected. The third receipt is the official receipt for your donation.  This receipt will be processed once we are in receipt of the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle.  The IRS requires a charity to notify the donor within 30 days of the sale of the vehicle.  At that time the IRS Forms 1098C and 8283 will be processed to the donor.

What if my vehicle does not sell?
All donated vehicles, regardless of condition, will sell at our auctions.

I heard that companies such as yours take so much of the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle that little is left for the charity, is this true?
There are many for-profit companies that process car donations for charities.  Typically, these organizations take 30% - 35% or more for a processing fee.  Simply put, The Charity Car Donation Center is operated by Melwood, which is a non-profit organization providing employment and training to individuals with disabilities.  Therefore, our management and processing fee is a flat rate fee of $99 per sold vehicle.  We have successfully processed over 150,000 car donations and continue to be one of the most successful car donation programs on the east coast.

How can I ensure the charity I selected will receive the proceeds from the sale of my vehicle?
Great question!  The Charity Car Donation Center takes pride in providing professional and honest service.  We encourage you to check with the charity you selected.  Unlike most for profit car donation companies, we will process all acknowledgement letters, to you the donor, on the charity letterhead, typically signed by their President/CEO/Executive Director.

If I have a question pertaining to my donation, who will I call?
Since the Charity Car Donation Center processed your donation, please give us a call on the toll free telephone number that you initially contacted us on.  Our qualified staff will assist you in anyway we possibly can.

How long do you keep my files?
We will maintain a hard copy of your file for a period of 3 years. 



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